Our mission is to do business consciously and ethically in the field of translations, inspiring all parties (our employees, our partners and our clients) to develop and improve themselves. Through excellence in business we create a space for new opportunities and changes for the better. Through communication with our surroundings, we influence them, and contribute to general satisfaction and stability.

When we founded AEDIT in 2006 we had a clear ambition: through foreign languages to help understand the world and the people who live in it. Thanks to translation, during our lifetime we have been able to build a unique network of suppliers and partners who think about what they’re doing, and who know that first rate, conscientious work is not only the path to greater stability and satisfaction on all sides in the work milieu, but also gives sense to, and strengthens the good in, their personal lives. A traditional approach and adherence to the values that we believe in have enabled us to partner with a number of very prominent, primarily technically-oriented companies, whose journeys we have been accompanying for over a decade. We have learnt to offer the complete service provided by large agencies; yet as a smaller company, we are more flexible and offer a transparent, competitive system leveraging translation technology. We believe that in future our unique service mix will enable us to add even more interesting chapters to the AEDIT story. We would be very happy for you to become part of it, too.

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