We interpret more than 30 languages for 100 specialist fields.

We offer comprehensive interpretation services in more than 30 languages. We regularly provide interpreters for business meetings, live TV broadcasts, conferences, contract signings and other events that need either consecutive or simultaneous interpreting.

We can supply:

Escort interpreting

Straightforward interpreting, for example for business meetings, education, negotiations etc., where the interpreter is directly involved. After a short period of speech the speaker leaves sufficient space for the interpreter to summarise and logically translate the given passage.

High-level consecutive interpreting

More difficult escort interpreting, which places more demands on the individual interpreter. This may involve interpreting for a larger number of people, a greater need for specialist terminology, long consecutive interpretation, contracting etc.

Simultaneous interpreting

Interpreting that takes place concurrently with the speaker’s words. Commonly used for conferences, press events, and presentations of all kinds. The interpreter listens to the speaker while at the same time interpreting for their audience. This is the most demanding type of interpreting, and normally requires the use of specialist technology. For simultaneous booth interpreting it is normal to have two interpreters for each language pair.

Judicial interpreting

Interpreting by a court interpreter registered with the Czech Ministry of Justice. This primarily concerns interpreting with government offices, and everywhere that judicial verification of the interpreting conducted is required (legal and court proceedings, weddings and so on).

Please contact our staff directly to obtain a cost calculation for your interpreting needs; they will be happy to provide you with detailed information.