Other services

All you need, under one roof.

In addition to translation and interpreting, we offer our customers a broad range of related services.


We use the most modern DTP tools, thanks to which we can work in all widely used formats and send out translations that can be used by our clients immediately with no further costs incurred. Where more complex interventions are required for graphical layouts, we always let the client know ahead of time and agree on the approach to be used. Among the most commonly used formats that we handle are those supporting MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, AutoCAD, CorelDRAW etc.

Translation software

Where appropriate, we make use of the newest CAT (computer-aided translation) tools for PC. This is not automatic translation (such as done by Google Translate), but rather software that assists in the translation process, saving previously translated segments and suggesting them for use in the text. Such tools speed up work, maintain consistent client terminology and make considerable savings possible. Before any translation we will provide an analysis of the quantity of repetitions in the text, and for such orders can sometimes offer savings of up to 80% on the whole translation. Among the tools we use most commonly are Trados (SDL Studio), Memsource, memoQ and Across. As part of our CAT use we also create terminological glossaries and offer the complete administration of translation memories.


Localisation means not just translating into the target language, but completely processing and preparing the source data of your application to match the specific features of the target market (local norms, technical and legal conventions, and realities on the ground). The complexity of this service means that your application will work in different markets and linguistic areas just as if it had originally been written for them. To do this, we employ internal and external partners with extensive experience in the areas of IT, DTP and CAT products.

We can provide:

  • the localisation of documents of all kinds
  • the localisation of internet pages
  • software localisation
  • tool menu localisation
  • application localisation testing and optimalisation

E2E custom solutions

Need to translate and process extensive documentation to a deadline? Planning to send it on for checking, to a marketing specialist, to a graphic designer, for pre-print corrections and then to the printers? Feel like the whole process could be easier? You’re right: we specialise in simplifying it. We have the know-how that means you won’t need to take care of anything – just send us the documents, and after discussing them with you we’ll provide a translation that exactly meets your internal requirements, in your company style and in the final format that you need. We use the latest tools to guarantee consistent terminology, better prices and faster turnaround. Our E2E solutions are an interesting alternative that can save you time and money. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for further details.


We can arrange the following services to print your translations, or your other materials:

  • Pre-press procedures
  • Reliable data consistency checking, plotter output, CTP systems
  • Sheet offset printing
  • Rotary offset printing
  • Finishing
  • UV painting, lamination, perforation, binding V1, V2...
  • Customer service
  • Packaging and distribution according to customer needs, including transport