We translate more than 50 languages and 100 specialist fields.

We offer complex translation services in more than 50 languages. Thanks to our translators’ and proofreaders’ many years of experience, we can offer high quality translations in more than 100 specialist fields.

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Each translation is the work of an experienced translator with knowledge of the given field. After completion, the whole text is revised before submission. The price of the translation includes linguistic review by a second person (see below). No further checks are needed before the translation can be used for general informational purposes.

This process removes grammatical, spelling and typographic issues and minor stylistic inconsistencies. At the same time, the integrity of the text in regard to the source is also checked. This review is included within the cost of the translation, and is always carried out by a second person.


Comparative revision
This is another check, where completing your order will involve a third person with knowledge of the given field. The aim of comparative revision is to go through the whole text comparing it to the source, verifying the accuracy of complex content in the translation and removing any imperfections. It also acts as another round of proofreading.

Stylistic revision by a native speaker
This is a task undertaken by a native speaker. In addition to reviewing material accuracy they also check and improve the style and readability of the text, ensuring that it matches its purpose (e.g. marketing materials, web pages, publication etc.).

Expert revision
This is a review carried out by a professional in the relevant field. It may include work on terminology and specialist vocabulary, and ensuring adherence to professional or company terminology.

Pre-print revision
The aim here is a final check of the material before its printing or publication. This does not involve reviewing the factual accuracy of the text, but rather checking for errors arising out of setting and preparing the text in its final form (incorrect word breaks, insertion of graphic elements, overruns etc.)

Please contact our staff directly to request a quotation for your translation; they will be happy to provide you with detailed information.